PT Swadaya Graha and Azure Investama Group Unite for “Strive” Business Strategy Initiative 2023

In the dynamic world of construction, PT Swadaya Graha and Azure Investama Group stand as two stalwarts, each bearing a legacy of excellence and an unyielding commitment to innovation. Recently, these industry joined forces to host a remarkable event titled “Strive” as a crucial component of the SwadayaRaya Business Strategy Initiative 2023. The event, held with great anticipation, unfolded its grandeur at Artotel Hotel in Surabaya and saw the enthusiastic participation of approximately 25 attendees representing both companies. “Strive” was more than just a gathering; it was a collective journey towards fostering empowering and sustainable business innovation, driving a vision that transcends the boundaries of conventional thinking.

“Strive” was designed to be a platform for revolutionary presentations and discussions that aimed to reignite fresh enthusiasm within both PT Swadaya Graha and Azure Investama Group. These two industry, renowned for their prowess in construction and development, recognized the importance of looking beyond their respective comfort zones to explore new horizons and unleash untapped potential.

The event was anchored in the spirit of collaboration and innovation, which was palpable from the very beginning. Participants were organized into six working groups, each with a specific focus on designing and presenting business ideas that could be seamlessly integrated into the SwadayaRaya umbrella. The primary challenge that these groups enthusiastically embraced was to formulate innovative concepts that not only enriched the business aspect but also had a positive and lasting impact on the environment and society at large.

The working groups embarked on a journey of ideation, brainstorming, and strategizing. They were tasked with developing ideas that were not merely profitable but also socially responsible and ecologically sustainable. This mission statement reflects the commitment of PT Swadaya Graha and Azure Investama Group to operate as responsible corporate citizens, mindful of their impact on the world.

What made “Strive” even more remarkable was its outcome-oriented approach. The event was not just an exercise in idea generation, but a strategic effort to transform these innovative concepts into tangible actions. The commitment of PT Swadaya Graha and Azure Investama Group to making a difference in the construction industry was evident as they decided to turn these ideas into reality.


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