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Our Company

PT Swadaya Graha, a well-established construction contractor with a rich history in the industry, is renowned for its unwavering commitment to excellence, innovative solutions, and a track record of exceptional service. With a team of highly skilled professionals, have successfully completed a multitude of projects spanning diverse sectors, including national strategic projects, petrochemical ventures, agrobusiness factories, and various industrial domains. 

About Us

Your Reliable Partner In Construction

PT Swadaya Graha has been growing to be a trustworthy company both in manufacture and construction services since its establishment in 1985. We have always made our best endeavors to meet our customers’ requirements and consistently carried out our sustainable improvement programs. In addition, we have also attained ISO 9001 : 2008 certificate for Quality Management System as well as successfully implemented Occupational Health and Safety Management System in accordance with the prevailing regulations issued by the Government of the Republic of Indonesia on Occupational Health and Safety and OHSAS : 2007 Management Systems.

Having been consistent in its working philosophy to become a ‘Trustworthy-in-Excellence’ company, PT Swadaya Graha has been trusted by both national companies and world-caliber partners. We considerably deserve their trust since we have endeavored to provide total solutions toward construction businesses for our customers by leveraging the synergy of our four main competencies, including; Civil Construction, Fabrication, Mechanical & Electrical Works, and Heavy Equipment Rental. The synergy leveraging our four main competencies and encouraged by other supporting functions has been proven to give total solutions as our strategic business unit. They include;

SMPP - Steel Structure Mechanical Installation, Piping Pipeline & Painting Works

PT Swadaya Graha excels with its extensive fleet of heavy equipment, including our largest crane boasting a 260-ton capacity. Our experienced engineering project team, with decades of expertise, ensures projects are executed with zero tolerance for miss-matching. From initial studies to commissioning and startup, we consistently demonstrate our prowess, contributing to the success of prestigious projects nationwide.

As a leading construction company with a strong reputation, we have successfully completed monumental projects in Indonesia, such as Semen Indonesia's Tuban Plant (1994), Rembang Plant (2014), PT Petrokimia Gresik (2016), RDMP Balikpapan (2022), and Lotte Chemical Indonesia (2023). We are poised to make significant contributions to upcoming projects as well.

Our commitment to quality management is underscored by ISO 9001 and ISO 45001 HSE certifications, serving as the foundation for delivering solutions to all our clients. With our well-equipped fabrication workshop located in the heart of Gresik and temporary fabrication workshops near project sites, we are prepared to compete in the professional construction industry.


Civil Works

Our commitment to excellence goes beyond specialized areas, it extends to a wide spectrum of civil works. From land preparation, piling and foundations to constructing buildings, concrete and asphalt roads, harbors, jetty, marine work, and also architectural works. our expertise encompasses every aspect of civil construction. With a legacy of quality and precision since our inception, we are the partner you can trust to deliver excellence in every project.


Electrical and Instrumentation Works

PT Swadaya Graha specializes in complex electrical installations, ensuring efficient power distribution within industrial facilities. Our expertise encompasses the installation of cable trays, ensuring the safety and organization of cables. We adeptly manage voltage regulation to align with our clients' specific needs, guaranteeing optimal performance. Additionally, our instrument installation services enhance production processes, enabling automation and precise control. From street lighting to office spaces and large-scale factories, we excel in providing comprehensive lighting solutions for a wide range of applications.

Fabrication Division: Crafting Excellence in Every Detail

PT Swadaya Graha's steel fabrication division boasts a robust production capacity, with the capability to produce up to 1000 tons per month for Steel Structure Work and 600 tons per month for plate work. Our facilities encompass two dedicated workshops located in the heart of Gresik, spanning a total area of 5.5 hectares, comprising 3.5 hectares of open space and 2 hectares of covered area.


Our advanced workshop and skilled team ensure quality solutions.

Our workshop is equipped with an extensive array of cutting-edge machinery, including CNC (Computer Numerical Control) machines, oxy-fuel cutters, plate rollers, and welding stations. Supported by a team of highly skilled and experienced technicians, we have the versatility to provide tailored solutions while upholding uncompromising quality and timely delivery. Our strategically located workshop simplifies logistics for both our clients and us, ensuring efficient operations.


PT Swadaya Graha Steel Fabrication Workshop Experience:

Plate Work

Our Plate Work is a testament to precision and craftsmanship. We specialize in creating a wide range of products, including:

  1. Thickener Tank: Meticulously engineered for optimal performance and durability.

  2. Continuous Ship Unloader: Ensuring seamless material handling in the most demanding environments.

  3. Pre-Heater, Calciner, Ducting, Kiln for Cement Plant: Innovative solutions for efficient industrial cement plant processes.

  4. ID Fan and Rotating Equipent parts: Critical components for rotating equipment in various industries.

  5. Liquid Tank: Storage solutions for various industries.



In the realm of conveyors, our expertise shines. We offer a comprehensive range of conveyor solutions, including:

  1. Design Engineering work: Creation of conveyor system plans and specifications involving engineering design principles and calculations.

  2. Gallery Conveyor and Transfer Tower: Designed for efficient material transport while maintaining structural integrity.

  3. Tripper Conveying System: Precision-engineered for controlled and efficient material distribution.

  4. Stacker and Reclaimer sytem: System for stacking and reclaiming bulk materials in an industrial setting, facilitating efficient material handling.

Certified engineers for precise construction projects.

At PT Swadaya Graha, our certified and experienced engineering team is dedicated to delivering meticulous detail engineering for construction projects. We employ the latest project software, ensuring precision and efficiency at every stage. With their expertise, our engineering team stands ready to ensure the success of PT Swadaya Graha's projects.

Operation and maintenance Division

PT Swadaya Graha's Operations and Maintenance Division boasts decades of experience in effectively managing and maintaining industrial facilities. We excel in performing routine maintenance for various factory equipment, including primary machinery, transportation tools, and auxiliary devices. Our expertise extends to the operation and maintenance of heavy machinery on behalf of our clients, encompassing loaders, excavators, dump trucks, and more. Furthermore, we have a wealth of experience in bulk material handling operations for Semen Indonesia Group, handling materials such as coal, limestone, trass or pozzolan, rice husk, and others.


Total Solutions with a diverse heavy equipment fleet.

At PT Swadaya Graha, our driving force is a commitment to providing Total Solutions to our valued clients. To achieve this, we have equipped ourselves with an extensive fleet of heavy equipment, featuring crane capacities ranging from 20 to 260 tons. Our team comprises certified professional operators (holding SIO, SILO, Migas, and Disnaker certifications) with a wealth of experience and expertise. They are complemented by our experienced technician team, ensuring that every aspect of our equipment operation is handled with precision and care.


Heavy Equipment Rental

In addition to our operations and maintenance services, PT Swadaya Graha also offers heavy equipment rental solutions, available for daily to monthly terms. Our ability to mobilize heavy equipment throughout Indonesia is seamless, with a wide range of equipment available for rental, including cranes, forklifts, welding machines, generators, and various specialized tools.


Board of Directors and Board of Commisioner

J.B. Trijono Ari Purnawan

President Director




Chief Commisioner



Organizational Structure

Our Commitment to Quality

At PT Swadaya Graha, quality is not just a buzzword; it’s at the core of everything we do. We are proud to hold the ISO 9001:2008 certificate for Quality Management System, a testament to our dedication to delivering products and services that meet and exceed our clients’ expectations. We understand that quality is the foundation of trust, and we take pride in consistently upholding the highest standards.

Safety First

Safety is a top priority at PT Swadaya Graha. We have successfully implemented Occupational Health and Safety Management Systems in strict accordance with the regulations set forth by the Government of the Republic of Indonesia. Our commitment to the well-being of our employees, partners, and the community ensures that every project we undertake is executed with the highest safety standards.