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Steel Structure Fabrication

At PT Swadaya Graha, we offer a wide spectrum of services encompassing Steel Structure, Mechanical, Piping, and Painting, making us your one-stop solution for diverse industrial needs. Our commitment to quality, precision, and excellence sets us apart in the construction and infrastructure sector.

Steel Structure Fabrication Services

Swadaya Graha - Service - Steel Structure Fabrication

Steel Structure Fabrication

We are experts in crafting precise steel structures for diverse uses, delivering top-quality and tailored solutions to meet client requirements. Our machining capabilities include rolling machines for up to 8mm plates, CNC machining, boring, drilling, and more.

Steel Structure Installation

We’ve successfully installed steel structures with precision, safety, and integrity. We’re dedicated to high-quality, tailored installations. Our own heavy lifting equipment and decades of proven methods guarantee precision and complete safety.

Swadaya Graha - Service - Steel Structure Installation
Swadaya Graha - Service - Maintenance and Repairs

Maintenance and Repairs

Need help with your steel-profile building or equipment? Contact us for on-site or workshop maintenance and repairs. We specialize in ensuring steel structures’ longevity and safety through high-quality solutions.