Swadaya Raya

SwadayaRAYA is the outcome of a collaboration between PT Swadaya Graha and PT Azure Investama Grup.

Who We Are

SwadayaRAYA, a renowned construction contractor boasting years of industry expertise, is celebrated for their outstanding services, groundbreaking innovations, and unwavering dedication to excellence. Their proficient team has triumphantly completed a multitude of projects spanning various sectors, including national strategic initiatives, petrochemical ventures, agrobusiness facilities, and diverse industrial zones. SwadayaRAYA meticulously executes each project with precision and meticulous attention to detail. Consequently, clients have placed their trust in SwadayaRAYA, resulting in a remarkable achievement of securing up to IDR 600 billion (approximately USD 40 million) in the past two years. As a reliable name in the construction sector, SwadayaRAYA remains committed to delivering top-tier solutions that consistently surpass client expectations.

SwadayaRAYA is the outcome of a collaboration between PT Swadaya Graha and PT Azure Investama Grup. Leveraging the experience, expertise, and assets of PT Swadaya Graha, combined with the strategic acumen and project management proficiency of PT Azure Investama Grup, we unite the best of both realms to offer operational excellence to our valued clients

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Our Operation Lead ​

Graduated from Bandung Institute Of Technology (ITB), majoring in Chemical Engineering, Mr. Andhika P Sutanto was appointed to become Operation Lead for SwadayaRAYA. With 10+ years of experienced in construction industry and project management, Mr. Andhika P Sutanto is a reliable leader to brings you operation excellence and satisfactory deliverables for your project.
Swadaya Raya - Operation Lead
What we offer

Our Services

At PT Swadaya Raya, we take pride in offering a diverse range of services designed to meet your every construction and project need. Our four main competencies encompass:

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Integrated Steel Structure, Mechanical, Piping (SMP) Work

We specialize in top-notch Steel Structure, Mechanical, and Piping construction services, tailored to meet unique client needs. Our experienced team ensures successful project execution, with meticulous steel fabrication and precise on-site installation. Our commitment to quality craftsmanship and safety guarantees exceptional results. From large-scale industrial facilities to complex engineering projects, we pride ourselves on providing reliable and cost-effective solutions, earning client trust and satisfaction


Our Gresik-based Workshop turns ideas and drawings into reality through precise engineering and cutting-edge manufacturing. Fully equipped with CNC machines and plate rollers, we can fulfill all your fabrication needs, from steel structures to pipe spool welding, tanks, vessels, and other complex steel equipment.

Swadaya Graha - Fabrication Workshop
Swadaya Graha - Heavy Equipment
Heavy Equipment Services

Our fleet of heavy equipment is available to support your project needs. From small equipment like diesel generators, forklifts, and TMCs, to heavy-duty lifting equipment such as cranes with capacities up to hundreds of tons, we’ve got you covered. Rest assured, our equipment is regularly maintained for reliability, safety, and seamless operation.

Civil Structure

With our own fleet of heavy equipment, we handle a wide range of civil structure construction, including land clearing, foundation works, roadworks, and building. We specialize in both standard civil works and specialized structures like jetties, industrial storage, and high-tech facilities such as hospitals. Our expert engineers ensure top-notch quality and efficient project delivery within budget and schedule.

Swadaya Graha - Project Mechanical Piping of UOI Indonesia 1xPHG830+2xPSA64-SOG projects - Air Products Sei Mangke-002

Workshop Facility

Located at the heart of the industrial city of Gresik, East Java, our workshop has been serving many clients for both domestic and international project. Our state-of-the-art facility is equipped with a diverse range of advanced machinery, including CNC machines, oxy-fuel cutters, plate rollers, welding stations, and more.

With a team of highly skilled and experienced technicians, we possess the capability to deliver bespoke solutions while also ensuring uncompromising quality and timely delivery. Our workshop is also strategically located to make logistics an ease for both client and us, with distance to places such as:

  • 4,0 km to nearest jetty at Gresik (11 minutes)
  • 21,2 km to Surabaya (30 minutes)
  • 85 km to Tuban (2 hours)
  • 115 km to Bojonegoro (3 hours)
  • 132 km to Blok Cepu (3 hours 30 minutes)
Location Area
Roofed Workshop Fabrication Area 1 & 2
11,700 m2
Open Yard
20,000 m2
Conveyor Shop
840 m2
Painting and Sand Blasting
600 m2
Open Yard
1,000 m2
Raw material Warehouse
200 m2
Open Yard
1,200 m2
Finished Goods
Open Yard
18,600 m2
Our Client

Our Client

What We Did


PT Swadaya Graha is actively engaged in a high-profile project that showcases our commitment to excellence and innovation in the construction industry.

PT Swadaya Graha has earned the trust of our valued clients, securing projects totaling up to IDR 600 billion (approximately USD 40 million) over the past two years. As a renowned contractor in the construction industry, PT Swadaya Graha is dedicated to consistently providing top-notch solutions that not only meet but exceed client expectations

Swadaya Graha Project - Lotte Indonesia New Ethylene Complex Project-001
Project LINE (Lotte Indonesia New Ethylene Complex Project)
Swadaya Graha - Project Mechanical Piping of UOI Indonesia 1xPHG830+2xPSA64-SOG projects - Air Products Sei Mangke
Project Mechanical Piping of UOI Indonesia 1xPHG830+2xPSA64-SOG projects - Air Products Sei Mangke
Project Mechanical Package Swadaya Graha - ME03-02-Filed Fabricated Fixed Roof Tanks- RU-V Balikpapan
Project Mechanical Package ME03-02-Filed Fabricated Fixed Roof Tanks- RU-V Balikpapan
Swadaya Graha - Project Piping Package - Muria Sumba Manis​
Project Piping Package - Muria Sumba Manis