At PT Swadaya Graha, our comprehensive range of services is designed to meet your every need, providing innovative solutions and top-notch expertise in every aspect of the industry

Plant Operation & Maintenance

At PT Swadaya Graha, we don’t just build, we sustain. Our commitment to excellence extends beyond construction to encompass the meticulous operation and maintenance of industrial plants. With a wealth of experience and a team of skilled professionals, we provide comprehensive plant operation solutions that ensure the continued success of your facility.

Plant Operation & Maintenance Services

Swadaya Graha - Service - Bulk Material Handling

Bulk Material Handling

We excel in safely and efficiently managing bulk materials for industrial processes, including raw materials like limestone, clay, and energy materials such as coal and biomass. Our focus is on delivering top-quality solutions.

Heavy Equipment Management and Services

Having trouble managing your heavy production equipment efficiently? We’ve got you covered. With decades of experience, skilled personnel, active certifications, and a well-equipped maintenance setup, we specialize in ensuring your heavy machinery operates smoothly and is maintained for optimal performance.

Swadaya Graha - Service - Heavy Equipment Management and Services
Swadaya Graha - Service - Heavy Equipment Management and Services (2)
Swadaya Graha - Service - Plant Operation

Plant Operation

We offer both construction and plant operation services, providing complete solutions. In plant operation, we provide skilled and non-skilled manpower and work together to refine methods for enhanced efficiency over time.