Project Piping Package - Muria Sumba Manis

Project Info :
Work Volume

+130,000 dia-in


2020 - 2022


Sumba, Indonesia


PT Muria Sumba Manis



Swadaya Graha - Project Piping Package - Muria Sumba Manis​-002
Swadaya Graha - Project Piping Package - Muria Sumba Manis​-001

About project

In the agribusiness sector, PT Swadaya Graha has been honored with the contract to execute a substantial project involving the construction of a sugar milling and refining plant with a processing capacity ranging from 6,000 to 12,000 TCD (Tons of Cane per Day). This noteworthy endeavor is commissioned by PT Muria Sumba Manis and encompasses the development of a cane sugar mill, a process house, a 1x22MW cogeneration power plant, and various essential supporting facilities.

For this challenging project, PT Swadaya Graha has successfully undertaken the responsibility of overseeing the entire plant construction, ensuring that it remains within budget constraints and adheres to the project timeline. Our dedicated team comprises over 300 direct workers, including fitters, welders, painters, insulators, and helpers. PT Swadaya Graha has demonstrated exceptional prowess by completing the installation of 130,000 dia-inch of piping, which involves fabrication, welding, sandblasting, and painting processes. Additionally, we have flawlessly executed mechanical installations weighing a total of 8,000 metric tons and steel structure construction totaling 30,000 metric tons. This remarkable achievement underscores our commitment to delivering outstanding results in the field of agribusiness.