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Steel Fabrication
Project Name Client / Owner Project Output Period
Supply Fabrication ESP Platform & Stairway Tanjung Jati B 1000 MW x 2 Units MH Power Systems Indonesia 2017-2019
Fabrikasi & Erection Steel Structure PLTU Muara Tawar PT Hutama Karya 2017-2018
Exhaust Stack Fabrication 170800 Muara Tawar PT Nooter Erikson 2017-2018
Inlet, Casing & Beam Fabrication 170800 Muara Tawar PT Nooter Erikson 2017-2018
Pekerjaan Anchor Bolt, Foundation and Templates 170800 Muara Tawar PT Nooter Eriksen 2017-2018
Manufacturing of Welded Product - Proyek Pembangunan Pabrik Feronikel Halmahera Timur (P3FH) Kawasaki Heavy Industries Ltd. / PT ANTAM Plate Work 2017-2018
Jasa Pemasangan Damper outlet Proyek Pembangunan WHRG di Pabrik Tuban PT Semen Gresik 2017-2018
Supply, Fabrication & Erection Belt Conveyor Packing R-Lys to Finish Good PT Cheil Jedang Indonesia 2017
Fabrication & Pemasangan Steel Structure Proyek Revitalisasi PG Jatiroto Lumajang PT Hutama Karya Steel Structure Work 2017
Quotation of Emergency Repair coal Silo 1 C PT TJB Power Services 2017